04 12 29
Good news, Undra is pregnant:) so we will have puppies here in january.
Bad news, one of the best bitches we have breed Ch OneWay's Grace Kelly"Maja" is dead:(

04 11 28
I haven't had the time to write on this page for a while, so much happens here all the time...
We have now mated our blue bitch Undra, so check the puppy page for more information,

04 09 08
Today we got a litter of blue merle & tricolour puppies by MultiCh OneWay's Errol Flynn and OneWay's Material Girl "Kattis"

04 08 16
Today we got a lovely sable litter by OneWay's Obelix and OneWay's Devil Inside.

04 07 25
Right now I don't have the time to write down everything that happens here, first of all we are soon moving to another house, so right now is everything upside down here:)  we found a farm where we will have better with room for all dogs, horses & us. We are going to move there in the middle/end of august, bad timing because we expect a litter than too:) but our house isn't sold yet... so we will be both here & in the new house I think.
The only update I had time to today was the puppypage

04 05 02
New picture of OneWay's Uma Thurman "Rubi" here

04 04 29
Finally I got a new picture of our OneWay's Material Girl "Kattis" you can se the picture here

04 04 27
New picture of OneWay's Cameron Diaz "Diza" you can se that one here

04 04 17
The time is running and so much have happend here the last months...
Hopefully we will have puppies in june, you can se more here
I updated with new pictures of O James Bon & O Pokémon you ca se both here

Some showresults
Göteborg OneWay's Firetiger "Merlin" CC & BOS the "old man" OneWay's Mr Brownstone "Rusty" was BOB- veteran.
Stockholm Int OneWay's Ben Johnson "Rubus" CC,Cacib & BOS, OneWay's Conqueror Of The Ring "Zanthos" was third best male, and OneWay's Opium "Emmie" got CC & was second best bitch at her first official show:)  little OneWay's Lill Snorre "Hero" was BOB-puppy.
Örnsköldsvik today OneWay's Cameron Diaz was BOB-puppy her halfsister OneWay's Miss Sectret Agent got CC & was second best bitch, Ch OneWay's Rock ' n ' Roll was BOS.
Little OneWay's Minne Driver have been to some shows the latest result was BOB,BIG-1 & BIS-R, se more at here own page
OneWay's Miraculix in Germany have been to Switzerland to a special show for all herding dogs and the result was great:) CC, BOB & BIS-1,  The week after he was shown at an Int show in Munich with CC,Cacib,BOB & BIG-2.
OneWay's Corvette in Italy have got 2 CC & BOB.
We also got a new champion OneWay's Idefix got the Australian Ch -title.
At Cruft's did Pers son F.Flash Past get the res.CC and Errols daughter Sandcastle's Sweet Valentine also got a res.CC. Hempas great,greatgrandson Sandcastles Truth Or Dare was BOB & BIG-3.
OneWay's Florence Griffith Joyner in France have also got CC & BOB.

A BIG Congratulation to all of you!!

We also have some sad news :( one of the best males we ever breed have passed away... 13,5 years old MultiCh OneWay's Got To Be A Lover"Hempa"

04 02 08
New pictures of OneWay's Courtney Cox, you can se them here

04 01 25
OneWay's Vildvittra got 2 puppies friday 23 january, you can se pictures of them on their page

04 01 18
Puppy page is updated

04 01 10
BOB puppy was OneWay's Lill Snorre "Hero" , 2 best male OneWay's Hugo Boss "Hugo" and BOS was OneWay's Opium "Emmie", Congratulation!! so now I have new pictures of Hero & Hugo.

OneWay's Shaggy "Cålle" have also been here, so you can se a new picture of him here

04 01 05
New Year again:)  and we wish all our friends a happy & successful 2004!!!
Today we mated our blue bitch OneWay's Tales Of Glory "Stina" ... you can se more about it on our puppypage

03 12 31
New pictures of the puppies 8 weeks old, on their  page

03 12 17
New headpictures of the puppies on their  page

03 12 13
Nordicwinnershow-03 in Stockholm, OneWay's Hugo Boss got the title Nordicjuniorwinner-03, Congratulation!!
Our OneWay's Praline was third best bitch, BOB, BIG-2 and NordicW-03 was Errols daughter Sandcastle's Sweet Valentine.
Errol, Per & Pokemón was ugly today, because none of them got CC-quality :( strange because this finnish judge placed Errol BIG-4 not long ago... but today it was only finnish dogs that was placed.

03 12 04
New pictures of the puppies 4 weeks old on their page

03 11 21
New pictures of the puppies on their page

03 11 17
Now is OneWay's Vildvittra mated se more here

OneWay's Cassandra was at her first show this weekend and was BOB-puppy, 2 best bitch puppy was OneWay's Opium.

03 11 10
New pictures of the puppies  here

03 11 04
We got puppies this morning you can se more here

03 09 23
Results and pictures from Smooth Collieclub of GB show 20 september -03 at this page

03 09 13
New pictures taken today of OneWay's Pretty Woman at page 24

03 09 08
Today was OneWay's Pretty Woman mated to Pokémon,, se more here
New Pictures of O Take Me To The Top on page 11 and new pictures of O Jean on page 40 and also new pictures of our latest puppies on page 44

03 09 02
New pictures of Miss Marple at page 31

03 09 01
New pictures of Merlin at page 39, our puppypage updated, new pictures of Photogénic & Urban på sid 41 , new picture of Norma at page 40 and at last new pictures of Undra 27 and a new picture of Märta on page 26

03 08 31
Today was Mercedes mated, you can se more at our puppypage
Today was it a specialshow for smooths judge was Mrs Stella Clark, England
BOB-puppy was OneWay's Chloé
BOB OneWay's  Firetiger"Merlin" and BOS OneWay's Miss Marple"Alice"

03 08 26
New picture of Opium "Emmie"  and her sister Chloé  here

New puppy picture at page 44

03 08 24
SKK show in Täby
BOB & 3 CC OneWay's Mercedes
BOS Int,Dk&Norduch,Korad OneWay's Rock'N'Roll 
2 best male MultiCh OneWay's Errol Flynn
OneWay's Firetiger won the juniorclass , OneWay's Ben Johnson was second.

03 08 23
Int,Dk&Norduch,Korad OneWay's Rock'N'Roll was BOB at a collieclub show.

03 08 13
Finally I got a new picture of OneWay's Mercedes you can see the result

03 08 10
Int.show in  Askersund
BOB MultiCh O Errol Flynn, 2 best male&Cacib S,N&GbCh O Skalle Per who now got the las cacib for the Int.Ch-title:)
BOS, CC & Cacib OneWay's Mercedes
We also had a breedinggroup that was placed reserv, of all breedingroups.
Our OneWay's Tales of Glory was at a show oin Norway and got CCQ and was placed 3 best bitch.

03 08 03
Swedish Collie Clubs Main Show
BOB & CC OneWay's Obelix our own OneWay's Pokémon was 3 best male.

03 07 27
NCK show in Moss, Norway judge mrs Stella Clark
BOB & BIS-2 Korad,Norduch OneWay's Pokémon

03 07 23
New pictures of our latest litter on page 44 and a new picture of OneWay's Macy Gray on page 43

03 07 20
Show on Öland
BOB & BIS-2 puppy OneWay's Obsession
BOB & CC OneWay's Conqueror Of The Ring
1,1 HP OneWay's Firetiger

03 07 19
in Vadstena, breed judge Guy Spagnolo, Bis veteran judge Agnes Kertes Ganami
BIS-3 veteran, 2 best male Ch OneWay's Errol Flynn
4 best male & CC OneWay's Obelix
5 best male Ch OneWay's Pokémon
BOS,Cacib & CC OneWay's Clefairy

03 07 18
nt.show in Vadstena, judge Michael Forte
BOS & CC OneWay's Praline
2 best male Ch OneWay's Errol Flynn
3 best male rec.cacib OneWay's Skalle Per

03 07 16
Int show in Vadstena, breed judge Fredrik Norgren , group judge Horst Kliebenstein
BOB & BIG-R Ch OneWay's Errol Flynn
2 best bitch with CCQ OneWay's Praline

03 07 13
Show in Örebro, breed & BIS judge Marja Talvitie , BIS-vet judge Tord Byström
BIS-1 & BIS-veteran,BOB Ch OneWay's Errol Flynn
BOS & CC OneWay's Mercedes
BOB & BIS-2 puppy OneWay's Chloé

03 07 12
We got sable & tricolour puppies today by Ch OneWay's Pokémon & Ch OneWay's For Your Eyes Only you can see their pedigree here

03 06 15
SKK show in Avesta, Ch OneWay's Errol Flynn got BOB, BIG-1 and BIS-4 and he also won BIS-1 veteran, all breeds, so it was a great day! :)

03 06 07
Collieclubshow in Stockholm, NordCh,Sv-99 OneWay's James Dean"Wilko" BIS-1, at the same place was Tjh OneWay's Ned Flanders competing in obedience and got a first price:)

03 05 25
Norwegian CollieClubs Main Show judge Alan Clarke, GB.
2 best male Ch,Korad OneWay's Pokémon beaten by a grandson to Multich OneWay's Got To Be A Lover
3 best male & BOS-veteran Ch,Korad OneWay's Sharp Dressed Man"Tor"
BOS & CC, OneWay's Praline
2 best bitch & BOB-veteran Ch OneWay's Penthouse Eyes"Hillary"
SKK show in Ånge
BOB nr 53:) Ch,Korad OneWay's Rock n'Roll "Morfar"

03 05 17
Show in Katrineholm
BOB & BIS-1 puppy OneWay's Top Speed "Dash"
Show in Mjölby
BOB & the last CC for the Swedish Ch-title Tjh, OneWay's Ned Flanders"Ludde"
BOB & BIS-4 puppy OneWay's Phenomen-A"Alice"

03 05 08
Today was two lovely young males here, Merlin & Dash. So I took some new pictures of them, you can see a new picture of Firetiger "Merlin" here  and new pictures of Top Speed "Dash" here

03 05 06
New pictures of Urban Active and Photogénic you can see them on their page I also updated with a new picture of Obelix  you can see that one here

03 05 02
Today is Ch OneWay's For Your Eyes Only"Mickie" mated to Ch, Korad OneWay's Pokémon, you can see their pedigree here

03 04 28
New pictures of our latest puppies, you can see them here

03 04 27
SKK Int show in Västerås, judge Rainer Vourinen
Korad, Ch OneWay's Errol Flynn was BOB again, the "youngster" OneWay's Firetiger was third best male. Our young bitch OneWay's Praline started her show carrier  today with CC & third best bitch, Korad, S&NCh OneWay's Back On Line was fourth best bitch and fifth best bitch was Korad, Sw.Ch OneWay's Ronja  Rövardotter.

03 04 25
New pictures of O Miss Secret Agent "Iza", she is a very nice young bitch who was at her first show recently with BOB & BIS-2 puppy :) you can see the new pictures here

03 04 20
We got puppies today, for more information look at page 43

03 04 19
KK Int.Show in Stockholm, judge was Brenda Banbury, GB.
Korad, Ch OneWay's Errol Flynn was BOB, BIG-4 & 4 Best Veteran.
Korad OneWay's Pokémon was 2 best male and got CC & CACIB, and with that he got the Swedish, Norwegian & Finnish Ch-title:)
Our bitch OneWay's Back On Line got CC, CACIB & BOS, so now she got the Swedish & Norwegian Ch-title and the title Korad:)

03 04 14
New pictures of our puppies here

03 04 02
New pictures of our puppies here

03 03 30
Pokémon passed the Swedish temperament test today, so now he have the title KORAD :)
New pictures of O Madicken at page 35

Int, N&GermanCh OneWay's Al Capone got the Lux.Ch-title, and 9 months old O Miraculix got the Luxembourg Youth Champion title, Congratulations to their owner Gudrun at Jack Mack's!

03 03 25
New picture of O Obelix "Scott" at page 36

03 03 24
New pictures of O McLaren "Tristan"& O Lord Of The Ring "Chullain" at page 32 & 34

03 03 14
New picture of our Praline at page 36

03 03 10
New picture of O Hot Pepper at page 39

03 03 09
Today are the puppies 1 week, you can see new pictures at their page  42

I also got a new picture of O Miraculix, you can see that one on page 36
Yesterday Int & NorwCh OneWay's Al Capone got BOB & his last CAC for the German Ch-title in Münich:)
Congratulation to his owners at Jack Mack's!

03 03 02
We got puppies today:) see them at their page 42

03 02 19
Updated with a new picture of O Top Speed "Dash", you can see the picture at page 41

03 02 18
Updated with a new picture of O Phenomen-A "Alice", you can see the picture at page 41

03 02 15
Clea is pregnant:) and now is Kattis ( O Material Girl) mated to Janko ( O Ace Of Spades) see their pedigree here

03 02 13
Sad news:( today we lost our "old man" Göte (O Look Sharp)

03 02 02
New pictures of our puppies on their page 41

03 01 25
FKK Int,Show in Turkku, Finland. OneWay's Pokemon got CC and OneWay's Skalle Per got the res.CC.

02 12 30

Today was OneWay's Clefairy"Clea" mated to OneWay's Roses N'Rings"Pontus", see their pedigree on the puppy page
Clea is the one who is barking at the top of this page:)

02 12 28

New pictures of our puppies on page 41

02 12 21

New picture of OneWay's Idefix "Sven" on page 36

02 12 09

Updated with new pictures of our latest litter 41 and new pictures of Praline & Majestix at 36 and a new picture of Marion Jones at 37

02 12 08

OneWay's Skalle Per have now also the title Korad :)

02 11 20

New picture of O.Hot Pepper at page 39

02 11 20

New page but only in Swedish.
Ja, då har jag gjort en ny sida som bara är på svenska... den hittar du här

02 11 19

We got a litter of blue merle puppies today, by Ch OneWay's Errol Flynn & OneWay's Back On Line:)
Look at them on their page 41

02 11 10

At last we got some pictures of our latest puppies at page 40
OneWay's James Bond is HD-free, and is now on Our Males page.

And I have finally done a horse page

02 11 03

Int, show in Växsjö
Int, Norduch, Dkuch OneWay's Rock N'Roll got Cacib & BOS, he also got the title Korad.

02 11 01

New pictures of O Florence Griffith Joyner at 37

02 10 31

New pictures of OneWay's Master Of The Ring & his brother Conqueror Of The Ring at 34 and a new picture of O Ronja Rövardotter at 26 and a new picture of O Al Capone at our males page.

02 10 27

Mentaltest(Korning) in Kalmar

GB&NCh OneWay's Skalle Per passed with 177 points, and got the Sw.Ch-title, this was Pers 3 title this month:))

Int,N,DkCh OneWay's Rock'N'Roll passed with 111 points, and got the Sw.&FinCh-title

OneWay's Back On Line passed with 149 points & OneWay's Out Of The Sun passed with 143 points

So this was a GREAT day:)

02 10 20
Bundessiger 2002  show in Dortmund, Germany, we only entered our boys there:)

Ch OneWay's Errol Flynn was BOB:)
Ch OneWay's Skalle Per got VDH-Cac, Cac, CACIB & Bundessieger 2002 title.
Our youngster OneWay's Pokemon also got VDH-Cac & Cac.

02 10 06

NKK Int show in Fredrikstad, judge Eva Eriksson

OneWay's Skalle Per got CC, CACIB & BOB and the Norw.Ch-title :)

02 09 29

OneWay's Mercedes passed the MH test:)  and OneWay's Ned Flanders got his second CC.
 Int,N,DkCh OneWay's Rock'N'Roll got another BOS.

02 09 16

We got puppies again:), se more on the puppy page.

02 09 15

OneWay's Ronja Rövardotter "Märtha" passed the mentaltest and got the title SwCH & KORAD:)

02 07 07

Sw & NCh OneWay's What's Up "Iris" got the title KORAD

02 06 26

Updated with 3 new pages 35, 36 & 37. And new picture at page 34.

02 06 22

Puppies born by GBCH OneWay's Skalle Per x OneWay's Devil Inside "Frida"

02 06 21

Puppies born by MultiCh Baubon's Oklahoma Oliwer "Otto" x Ch OneWay's For Your Eyes Only "Mickie"

02 06 08

SKK Int show in Vänersborg
CC, CACIB & BOB OneWay's Clefairy "Clea"
Swedish Collieclubshow in Stockholm judge Mr Jimmy Tait
CC, BOB & BIS-2 our youngster OneWay's Pokemon , and our GBCH OneWay's Skalle Per was 2 best male again :) OneWay's Miss Marple got her first CC, and our OneWay's Mercedes was 3 best bitch. OneWay's breedinggroup was BIS-1 !

02 06 02

SKK Int show in Vadstena judge Eddie Engstrand
CACIB & BOB OneWay's Skalle Per

02 05 26

SKK show in Stenungsund judge Lynn Hartley Bennet
CC & BOS OneWay's Lara Croft 

 02 05 25

Show in Ka trineholm judge Jesper Andersson
CC & BOB OneWay's Pokemon
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------St. Gallen Switzerland
Ch OneWay's Al Capone got CAC, CACIB and BOB, so that was the last CACIB and he is now also INTCH :) Congratulations to his new owner Gudrun Hartmann, Germany

02 05 19

Norwegian Collie Clubs mainshow judge Mr Barry A Makepeace
CC, BOB & BIS-2 OneWay's Pokemon and GBCH OneWay's Skalle Per was 2 best male :) this was a surprice, (I think Per is better than the youngster...) bitch CC & BOS OneWay's Back On Line and our OneWay's Mercedes was at her first show and was 3 best bitch.

02 05 11

OneWay's Ned Flanders "Ludde" is now with his owner Lotta Ekblom a surveillance dog in the Swedish home defence, Congratulations!

02 05 04

OneWay's Lotus is now German youth CH

02 04 13

Updated our puppy page, and Mickie is now mated:)

02 03 

Today was OneWay's Clefairy "Clea" at a Int.show in Stockholm, she got CC, CACIB & BOB!

02 03 29

Today OneWay's Vildvittra passed the mentaltest, korning:) 

02 03 24

In this country we now need to do a mentaltest called MH before we use our dogs for breeding, so today we went to this test with OneWay's Clefairy, OneWay's Pokemon & the "oldman" OneWay's Errol Flynn just for fun:) because dogs born before 2000 doesn't need this test. All 3 passed and they wasn't gunshy:)

02 03 20

Updated our puppy page 

02 03 

Now we are back home after 2600 km car driving and 30 hours in different boats & Per is so happy to be here again :) and meet the rest of the "gang" & of course his favourite cat Hobbe:)  & our children Jenny & Jimmy to play with!

02 03 14
Today we started our "trip" to England.... to get Ch OneWay's Skalle Per "Per" back home again!

02 03 08

OneWay's Ronja Rövardotter "Märtha" got 2 puppies 1 sable bitch & 1 tri male,  by OneWay's Ace Of Spades "Janko"

02 03 07

Our GBCH OneWay's Skalle Per "Per" got the CC & BOB at Cruft's !!

02 02 28

New picture of O Lost Johnny"Janne" on page 25 & a new picture of O Corvette at page 32.

02 02 24 & 25

Updated with some new pictures & pages look at 3, 4, 14, 15, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33 & 34 litter, and on our males page.

02 02 23

Today have Jessica Larssons N,Dk & IntCh OneWay's Rock'N'Roll "Morfar" won another BOB & BIS-R !