Int,NorduCh,Korad,Nordw-99,Sw-00 OneWay's Errol Flynn Int,Nord,Est,Dk,CanCh,Eujw-91,Sw-94,Nordw-95 OneWay's Got To Be A Lover OneWay's Look Sharp
Ch OneWay's Bloody Mary
Korad,SuCh Fairlines Last Born Advance Jumping Jack Flash
Ch Tanliys Proud Mary
OneWay's Tales Of Glory FinCh,Euw-91 Dalimattas Future Flipper Dalimattas Kompanion Kim
Fairlines Future Dream
Korad,Such OneWay's Simply The Best OneWay's Look Sharp
OneWay's Sticky Sweet

Litter 32 Born 2001 06 24

OneWay's McLaren
OneWay's Lamborghini
OneWay's Ferrari
OneWay's Rolls Royce
OneWay's Cadillac
OneWay's Corvette
OneWay's Mercedes
OneWay's Lotus
OneWay's Porsche


OneWay's Mercedes
Our own
 4 CC's
Mother to litter 38, 45, 52 & 56
Int & It.Ch OneWay's Corvette
Lives in Italy at


OneWay's Lotus
Deutscher Jugendchampion, Europajugendsiegerin 2002

Lives in Germany at


OneWay's Porsche "Tove"


Korad OneWay's Mc Laren "Tristan"
1 CC passed mentaltest with +161 points


OneWay's Lamborghini "Vector"
Passed mentaltest with +164 points


OneWay's Ferrari "William"
1 CC


LP 1 OneWay's Cadillac "Pripps"


OneWay's Rolls Royce "Rolle"