OneWay's Ace Of Spades FinCh,Euw-91 Dalimattas Future Flipper Ch Dalimattas Kompanion Kim
Nw-89,Finw-89 Fairlines Future Dream
Korad,SuCh OneWay's Simply the Best OneWay's Look Sharp
OneWay's Sticky Sweet
OneWay's Ronja Rövardotter Int,NordCh,Korad,Nordw-99,Sw-00 OneWay's Errol Flynn MultiCh OneWay's Got To Be A Lover
Ch,Korad Fairlines Last Born
Ch OneWay's For Your Eyes Only OneWay's Dangerous
OneWay's Elvira Rosenknopp

Litter 35 Born 2002 03 08

OneWay's Abbe
OneWay's Madicken

OneWay's Madicken "Molly"
Pictured 1 year old


OneWay's Abbe 15 weeks old