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We have sable/tricolour puppies avaliable born 2 oct -10

2 of the pups pictured 5 weeks old...


OneWay's Flexi Fuel "Flex"
Crd & HD A

Foxearth Flexible Friend
Crd & HD A
GB, Norw,Sw & IntCh, Bundessieger -02, Korad OneWay's Skalle Per
GBCH Foxearth Playing With Fire
Korad SE UCH OneWay's Yamaha
Cea-free & HD A
DK,Norduch,Korad OneWay's Pokémon
SE&IntCh OneWay's Mercedes Fi MT +155p

OneWay's Ring Of Fire "Klara"
Cea-free & HD A
 MH, 5 CC's

Mor till
Korad OneWay's Chip n'Dale 4 Cert
IntCh IT CH OneWay's Private Pluto
OneWay's Corn Chips 2 Cert
OneWay's Test Pilot Donald 2 Cert, Cacib
 OneWay's Working For Peanuts vinstrik i Italien

OneWay's King Of The Ring
Crd & HD A
mentaltestad med +110 p
OneWay's Roses N'Rings Cert Uppfl till LKL spår
Ch, Sv- OneWay's Grace Kelly
Such & Nuch,Korad +229 p
OneWay's What's Up
Cea-free & HD A

Int&Norduch,Nordv-99,Sv-00 &-05,KBHV-05,Korad+196p
OneWay's Errol Flynn
OneWay's Shadow Of Your Love 5 CC's

OneWay's Smooth Collies
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