Int&Norduch, Nordv-99, Sv-00, Korad + 196p
OneWay's Errol Flynn
Int,Nord,Est,Dk,CanCh,Eujw-91,Sw-94,Nordw-95 OneWay's Got To Be A Lover passed the Finnish mentaltest OneWay's Look Sharp
Ch,Nv-91&93,Sv-92 OneWay's Bloody Mary
Ch,Korad Fairlines Last Born Advance Jumping Jack Flash
Ch Tanliys Proud Mary    

S& NorwCh,Korad
OneWay's Back On Line"Undra"


Int&NCh OneWay's Al Capone OneWay's Goldfinger
Ch,Korad Fairlines Last Born
 Korad,Such OneWay's Simply The Best OneWay's Look Sharp
OneWay's Sticky Sweet                  

Litter 41 Born 2002 11 19

OneWay's Urban Active
OneWay's Top Speed
OneWay's Dark Spot
OneWay's Eyeliner
OneWay's Phenomen-A
OneWay's Photogénic


OneWay's Urban Active


SUCH KORAD OneWay's Top Speed "Dash"


OneWay's Dark Spot "Sigge"
7 months


OneWay's Eyeliner "Duchess"
10 weeks old


OneWay's  Phenomen-A "Alice"
20 months


OneWay's  Photogénic "Tessie"
9 months old