Int,Nord,Est,Dk,CanCh,Eujw-91,Sw-94,Nordw-95 OneWay's Got To Be A Lover OneWay's Look Sharp Cornkils Chagall
OneWay's Moonlight Shadow
Nw-91&93,Sw-92,Ch OneWay's Bloody Mary Fairlines Billy The Kid
Korad,Ch One Way Ticket
Korad,SuCh Fairlines Last Born Advance Jumping Jack Flash Ch Clearmount Turn Me Loose
Foxearth Fashionable
Ch Tanliy's Proud Mary Ch Foxearth Jubilation
Nw-79 Glennfields Ginette

Litter 14 Born 1995 03 29

OneWay's Errol Flynn
OneWay's James Dean
OneWay's Kirk Douglas
OneWay's John Wayne
OneWay's Doris Day
OneWay's Marilyn Monroe
OneWay's Grace Kelly

MultiCh OneWay's Errol Flynn "Errol"
Our own.
 Errol is very successful, he got the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish & IntCh-title & Korad.
 BOS at the Nordic Winnershow-99, BOB at the Swedish Winner show -00, BOS & Sw-05 & KBHV-05, 10,5 years old.
BOB at the Sw.Collieclubs mainshow -99-00-01 & -04.
Competed in obedience class 1 & 2, and in the first tracking class, where he approved to the class over. 
He have a SUPER temperament and is a BIG personality!!
Father of our 19, 22, 26, 32, 33, 41, 49 & 54 litter.


 Ch OneWay's Grace Kelly "Maja"
Norw.Champion and was BOB at the Swedish Winner show-98. 
Mother of  29 & 34 litter.


OneWay's Marilyn Monroe "Ebba"
Never shown because I was to lazy...  mother of  23 & 40 litter.


Ch OneWay's James Dean "Wilko"
Swedish, Norwegian & FinnishCh & Korad. 
at the Swedish Winner show-99



Ch OneWay's Kirk Douglas "Douglas"
SwedishCh-title & Korad
He is a surveillance dog in the Swedish home defence & competed in obedience class 1 & 2. 
Competed in the higher class of tracking.



OneWay's John Wayne "Primus"
CC-quality at shows, but he has always been beaten by his brothers Wilko & Errol.



OneWay's Doris Day "Doris"