Int,NorduCh,Korad,Nordw-99,Sw-00 OneWay's Errol Flynn Int,Nord,Est,Dk,CanCh,Eujw-91,Sw-94,Nordw-95 OneWay's Got To Be A Lover OneWay's Look Sharp
Ch OneWay's Bloody Mary
Korad;SuCh Fairlines Last Born Advance Jumping Jack Flash
Foxearth Fashionable
Ch,Sw-91 OneWay's Fatal Charm OneWay's Look Sharp Cornkils Chagall
OneWay's Moonlight Shadow
Ch,Nw-91&93,Sw-92 OneWay's Bloody Mary Fairlines Billy The Kid
Korad ,Ch One Way Ticket

Litter 19 Born 97 03 10

OneWay's Midnight Mover
OneWay's Monster Man
OneWay's Love Child


Ch OneWay's Midnight Mover "Tommie"
NorwegianCh & competes in obedience.


OneWay's Love Child "Donna"
Was to whitefactored to be shown...

OneWay's Monster Man "Valle"tri