Int&Norduch, Nordv-99, Sv-00, Korad + 196p
OneWay's Errol Flynn
Int,Nord,Est,Dk,CanCh,Eujw-91,Sw-94,Nordw-95 OneWay's Got To Be A Lover passed the Finnish mentaltest OneWay's Look Sharp
Ch,Nv-91&93,Sv-92 OneWay's Bloody Mary
Ch,Korad Fairlines Last Born Advance Jumping Jack Flash
Ch Tanliys Proud Mary    

OneWay's Praline 8 CERT
Cea ua & HD B


MultiCh Baubon's Oklahoma Oliver Ch Fairlines Last Minute
Goldbody's Amazing Amazon
Ch OneWay's For Your Eyes Only OneWay's Dangerous
 OneWay's Elvira Rosenknopp

Litter 54 Born 2005 06 12

OneWay's Good Charlotte


OneWay's Good Charlotte
"Maya" HD  A & Cea-free