The CHAMPIONS we breed


OneWay’s Bloody Mary NUCH, NV-91&93, SV-92
OneWay’s Classic Case

OneWay’s Charming Chenille SUCH, KORAD

OneWay’s Gunfighter at Villa Rosa SUCH, NUCH, INTUCH, KORAD

OneWay’s Dressed For Success SUCH, NUCH, INTUCH, KORAD

OneWay’s Got To Be A Lover, S, N, FIN, DK, EST, CANCH, INTUCH, Sv-94, NORDV-95, EUJW-91

OneWay’s Fatal Charm NUCH, SV-91

OneWay’s Smooth Criminal SUCH, NUCH, INTUCH, KORAD, LP 1

OneWay’s Sex Crime DKUCH

OneWay’s Errol Flynn S, N, FIN & INTUCH, KORAD,SV-00, NORV-99, Sv-05, KBHV-05

OneWay’s James Dean S, N, FIN & INTUCH, KORAD, SV-99

OneWay’s Kirk Douglas SUCH, TJH, KORAD

OneWay’s Grace Kelly NUCH, SV-98

OneWay’s For Your Eyes Only NUCH

OneWay’s Sharp Dressed Man S, N & INTUCH, NV-  , KORAD

OneWay’s Penthouse Eyes NUCH

OneWay’s Al Capone NUCH, LUX, TYSK, CH, INTUCH

OneWay’s Don Corleone NUCH

OneWay’s Lil’ Devil NUCH

OneWay’s Simply The Best SUCH, KORAD

OneWay’s Midnight Mover NUCH

OneWay’s Whats Up SUCH, NUCH, KORAD

OneWay’s Rock’n’Roll S, N, FIN, DKCH, INTUCH, KORAD

OneWay’s Skalle Per S, N, GB & INTUCH, KORAD, Sw-07

OneWay’s Ronja Rövardotter SUCH, KORAD

OneWay’s Back On Line SUCH, KORAD

OneWay’s Pokémon S, N, DK, FINUCH, KORAD

OneWay’s Clefairy SUCH, KORAD
OneWay’s Corvette
OneWay’s Obelix
OneWay’s Miraculix L
OneWay’s Idefix
OneWay’s Florence Griffith Joyner FR &
OneWay’s Tail Dancer ITCH
OneWay's Lotus D.JugCh

OneWay's Top Speed SUCH, KORAD
OneWay's Back Street Girl
OneWay's Firetiger INTUCH, ESTW-06
OneWay's Praline INTUCH, ESTW-06 & NORDW-06

OneWay's Ned Flanders Lp 1 TJH & SUCH,
OneWay's Suzuki SUCH

OneWay's Honda FrCh

OneWay's Gold Rush Fin & LtCh, Baltw-08
OneWay's Mercedes IntuCh
OneWay's Yamaha Such


These dogs have 3 CC's or more, but not the working trials/mentaltest(KORAD) our Kennel club require to have the CH-title

OneWay’s Ginger Ale 3 CC's
OneWay’s Classical Choice 3 CC's
OneWay's Elvira Rosenknopp 7 CC's
OneWay's Kerry Drake 3 CC's
OneWay's Fatal Attraction 11 CC's
OneWay's Take Me To The Top 6 CC's
OneWay's Shadow Of Your Love 4 CC's
OneWay's Miracle Of Love 4 CC's, Sv-96
OneWay's Gimme All Your Lovin' 3 CC's
OneWay's Pearl Necklace 3 CC's
OneWay's Scarface 3 CC's
OneWay's Peace Dog 3 CC's
OneWay's Ace Of Spades 3 CC's
OneWay's Tales Of Glory 5 CC's
OneWay's Strange Desire 3 CC's
OneWay's Devil Inside 3 CC's
OneWay's Ned Flanders 3 CC's, TJH
OneWay's Mercedes 4 CC's
OneWay's Conqueror Of The Ring 3 CC's
OneWay's Lord Of The Ring 6 CC's
OneWay's Ben Johnson 3 CC's
OneWay's Miss Secret Agent 5 CC's, LP 1
OneWay's Cassandra 9 CC's, LP 1 & 2
OneWay's Piff 3 CC's
OneWay's Poéme 3 CC's

OneWay's Little Queenie 3 CC's
OneWay's Johnny Be Good 3 CC's
OneWay's Ring Of Fire 5 CC's

OneWay's Good Charlotte 3 CC's

These dogs have 1 or 2 CC's


OneWay's Look Sharp 1 CC
OneWay's L A Woman 2 CC's
OneWay's Roses N'Rings 1 CC
OneWay's Dr Feelgood 1 CC
OneWay's One In A Million 2 CC's
OneWay's Playing With My Heart 2 CC's
OneWay's Licence To Kill 1 CC
OneWay's Material Girl 2 CC's
OneWay's New Sensation 2 CC's
OneWay's Miss Marple 1 CC
OneWay's Lara Croft 2 CC's
OneWay's Mc Laren 1 CC, KORAD
OneWay's Ferrari 2 CC's
OneWay's Hot Pepper 1 CC,
OneWay's Chloe´2 CC's
OneWay's Opium 2 CC's
OneWay's Holly Valance 1 CC
OneWay's Samuel L Jackson 1 CC
OneWay's Courtney Cox 1 CC
OneWay's Herr Nilsson 2 CC's
OneWay's Prisoner Of Love 2 CC's
OneWay's Speed Of Life 1 CC
OneWay's Pikachu 2 CC's

OneWay's Aprilia 1 CC
OneWay's Secret Agent 1 CC
OneWay's Mr Destiny 1 CC
OneWay's Deanna Troi
1 CC

OneWay's Time To Relax 1 CC

These dogs is of Ch quality and have CCQ


OneWay's Tom Collins
OneWay's Moonlight Shadow
OneWay's Dangerous
OneWay's Listen To Your Heart
OneWay's Sticky Sweet
OneWay's Missionary Man & CACIB
OneWay's John Wayne
OneWay's Private Dancer
OneWay's Break Every Rule
OneWay's Look Of Love
OneWay's Out Of The Sun
OneWay's Vildvittra KORAD
OneWay's Master Of The Ring
OneWay's Merlene Ottey
OneWay's Obsession
OneWay's Mr Brownstone
OneWay's Dream On

These dogs have competed in obedience, search or tracking,


OneWay's Gin Fizz Godkänd AKL spår
OneWay's Midnight Man 1:a pris lydnkl 1
OneWay's Kerry Drake GK anlagstest räddning
OneWay's Smooth Criminal LP 1 & 2 & 2:a pris lydnkl 3, Uppfl.till LKL spår
OneWay's Roses N'Rings 1:a pris Lydnadsklass 1 & 2, uppfl.till LKL spår
OneWay's Mr Brownstone Uppfl.till LKL spår
OneWay's Kirk Douglas TJH, 1:a pris LydKl 1 & 2, Godkänd HKL spår
OneWay's Grace Kelly 1:a pris Lydn.kl 1
OneWay's Errol Flynn 1:a pris Lydn.kl 1, 2:a pris Lydnkl 2 m 146,5 p, Uppfl,till LKL spår
OneWay's Sharp Dressed Man 1:a pris Lydn.kl Elit & Uppfl. till Högre spår i Norge
OneWay's Pearl Necklace 1:a pris Lydn.kl 1
OneWay's Midnight Mover 1:a pris Lydn.Kl 1 & 2
OneWay's What's Up 1:a pris LydKl 1 & 2
OneWay's Peace Dog 1:a pris Lydn.kl 1 , Uppfl. till LKL spår
OneWay's Ace Of Spades 1:a pris Lydn.kl 1
OneWay's Ned Flanders TJH, LP 1, 2:a pris m 159 p Lydn.kl 2
OneWay's Lamborghini Uppfl.till HKL sök & spår
OneWay's Cadillac LP 1 & LP 2, Uppfl.till LKL spår
OneWay's Ferrari 2:a pris Lyd,kl 1 m 159,5 p
OneWay's Conqueror Of The Ring 1:a pris Lydn.kl 1
OneWay's Asterix 2:a pris Lyd,kl 1 m 157 p
OneWay's Gail Devers 2:a pris Lyd,kl 1
OneWay's Secret Agent Uppfl.till HKL spår
OneWay's Miss Secret Agent LP 1 & 2 x 1:a pris Elitklass, Uppfl.till LKL spår & GK lägre sök
OneWay's Dark Spot 1:a pris LydKl 1, Uppfl. till LKL sök
OneWay's Top Speed Godkänd LKL spår
OneWay's Phenomen-A Godkänd LKL spår
OneWay's Hugo Boss 1:a pris Lydn.kl 1  & 1:a pris Lydkl Godkänd LKL spår
OneWay's Cassandra LP 1 & 2, Uppfl.till LKL spår
OneWay's Speed Of Life Godkänd AKL spår

OneWay's Brad Pitt 1:a pris LydKl 1

OneWay's Blue In The Face 1:a pris LydKl 1



OneWay's Man With The Golden Gun was used for tracking at hunting time