Crossfells The Scoundrel Chicnoir The Rascal From Crossfell Avocks Blue Geordie
Chicnoir Black Quink
Chicnoir Fine Romance From Crossfell Ch Chicnoir Midnight Sultan
Chicnoir Golden Sorrel
Korad,S&FinCh One Way Ticket Dancerwood Court Jester Ch Treewood Black King
Ch Dancerwood Freelance
Dormacs Angel Face Cronys Copper Crown
Sunsweet Goodnesgirl

Litter 8 Born 1990 10 09

OneWay's Kerry Drake  
OneWay's Rip Kirby
OneWay's Modesty Blaise

OneWay's Kerry Drake
Was our future hope... by my first bitch One Way Ticket, the mating wasn't a linebreeding.
He got 3 CC's and passed the first test to be a rescue dog.
He had a happy temperament and LOVED all people.
Father to our 10 litter, he mated a bitch with some bacteria infection and went sterile.
So there was my hope GONE... a dissapointment.
He lived his last years with my sister,  who lost him 11 years old.


OneWay's Modesty Blaise "Millan"
Never shown, was living with my sister & Svullo


OneWay's Rip Kirby "Lilleman"
Was a happy pet.