OneWay's Piff "Muskot"
Cea-free & HD A
 MH, 4 CC's & 1 Cacib

Sandcastle's Matador Mix
Cea-free & HD A
MH, 3 CC's
Baubon's Oklahoma Oliwer
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Sandcastle's Stripteaser CC
Korad OneWay's Vildvittra
Cea-free & HD A
Int&Norduch,Nordv-99,Sv-00 &-05,KBHV-05,Korad+196p
OneWay's Errol Flynn
Ch OneWay's For Your Eyes Only
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OneWay's Courtney Cox
HD A ,crd
 MH, 1 CC's

Ch Hawkeire's Spirit O'Barksdale
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AM CH Barksdale Murphy of McLean
AM CH Tartanside Barksdale Mirage
OneWay's Mercedes
Cea-free & HD A
Genomgånget MH, 4 CC's & Cacib
Int & Norduch,Nordv-99,Sv-00&-05, KBHV-05,Korad
OneWay's Errol Flynn
OneWay's Tales Of Glory 5 CC's
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Litter 60 Born 2007 03 21

OneWay's Mr Destiny
OneWay's The Runner
OneWay's Center Of Attention
OneWay's Dream On

Pictured  8 weeks & 3 months old

OneWay's Center Of Attention "Tyra"

3 months old

8 weeks old

OneWay's Mr Destiny "Mållgan"


OneWay's Dream On "Tequila"


OneWay's The Runner "Henning"

3 months old

8 weeks old