OneWay's Dangerous Cornkils Chagall Fairlines Billy The Kid
OneWay's Moonlight Shadow Foxearth Silver Fog
Korad,Ch One Way Ticket
OneWay's Elvira Rosenknopp Bermarks Barley Water Ch Brilyn Supertramp
Rifflesea Rare Pearl
Korad,SuCh Picaroons Lady Starlight Fairlines Billy The Kid
OneWay's Ginger Ale

Litter 15 Born 1995 05 22

OneWay's Goldfinger
OneWay's  Man With The Golden Gun
OneWay's License To Kill
OneWay's For Your Eyes Only


OneWay's For Your Eyes Only "Mickie"
Our own.
Mother of our 26, 28, 36 & 44 litter.

      Mickie 10 years old -05     


OneWay's Goldfinger "Douglas"
Father of our 17 litter.


OneWay's Man With The Golden Gun "Busen"
Never shown, used for tracking  at hunting time



OneWay's Licence To Kill"Casper"have 1 CC.